Ex Cathedra Singing Medicine™

Ex Cathedra’s pioneering Singing Medicine projects bring wellbeing through singing to children and adults, both in hospital and at home.

Singing-play for children

Singing Medicine Teens

Singing activities for teenagers


Soothing songs and singing-play for babies and their carers

Singing Medicine Adults

Singing for adults, including those affected by stroke, dementia, and Long Covid

Singing Medicine at work

“My patient was in a lot of pain. I offered them pain relief medication or Singing Medicine and they chose Singing Medicine and for the rest of the afternoon, they did not require pain relief medication.”

Doctor, Birmingham Women’s and Children’s Hospital NHS Trust

Royal Society For Public Health Winner

Ex Cathedra’s Singing Medicine team were awarded Outstanding Contribution to the Field of Arts in Health by the Royal Society for Public Health in 2011.

Singing Time
Singing Medicine Children
Singing Medicine Team
Singing Medicine Patient
Singing Medicine Rebecca and Child

“When the Singing Medicine team arrive it is like turning a light on”

Chaplain, Birmingham Women’s and Children’s Hospital NHS Trust

Ex Cathedra

Ex Cathedra Choir

Ex Cathedra is a charity about singing. We believe everyone should have the opportunity to be inspired by extraordinary choral singing. At the heart of our organisation is the choir. Ex Cathedra is a leading UK choir and Early Music ensemble with a repertoire that reaches from the 12th to the 21st centuries. Founded in 1969 by Jeffrey Skidmore OBE, the group has grown into a unique musical resource, comprising specialist chamber choir, vocal consort, period-intrument orchestra and a pioneering education and participation programme.