Singing Medicine for Babies and their Carers


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Since 2004 the Singing Medicine team has been singing with carers and their babies in hospital. Our songs and singing games soothe carer and baby, and enable bonding and communication.

Research shows how singing enables babies to develop communication skills, how carer and baby can develop their bonding, and be soothed together.

Communication and BondingBonding

Smiles and LaughterCommunication

Development through playDeveloping through play

improve well-being

Improves wellbeing

Singing Medicine Babies
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“One mother of an eight-week old baby cried when we first went in because she said she only knew one song – ‘Twinkle Twinkle’. In the weeks that followed we taught her songs and singing games to sing and play with her baby. She now has a repertoire of songs to sing with her baby at home.”

Vocal Tutor

“As my granddaughter was being born we could hear them singing outside the door. It was as though the angels had come to sing for her.”

Grandparent in the delivery suite

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