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Every Friday since 2004, Ex Cathedra’s award winning Singing Medicine team has brought singing activities to hospitals around the UK.

Singing is a special activity that improves wellbeing. Created by our team, our Singing Medicine songs and activities have been designed to enable everyone to participate and benefit from singing.

Coping MechanismsEspecially for teenagers

Smiles and LaughterSongs you’ll love

Creaitve PlayCreative activities

Improves wellbeing

Singing Teen

“My song inside makes me feel on top of the world.”


“(It) enables us to listen to children’s souls regardless of religion, ethnicity, age, culture or other characteristics, values and beliefs.”


Singing Medicine Teenagers
Singing Medicine Guitar
Singing Medicine Piano
Singing Medicine Rebecca
Singing Medicine Drums

“I think it really hit him hard, the things that he used to do, because he’s not able to do them anymore.  But then the Singing Medicine project gave us the chance for us to do something together again as a family.”


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